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Cyril A Farey (1888-1954)

La Place Stanislas, Nancy, 1922

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Cyril Farey, La Place Stanislas, Nancy, 1922 Gallery Lingard

Pencil, gouache and watercolours
Signed and dated:  Cyril AFarey / 12.v.22
30 x 44.5 cms

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The year 1921 was an eventful year for Farey.  His daughter was born and he was awarded The Edward Stott Travelling Studentship prize along with the Royal Academy Gold Medal.   His drawings were applauded and published in the building press during late 1921 and Sir Edwin Lutyens was one of many who wrote to him to congratulate him on his success.  

Farey took up his Travelling Studentship award in April/May of 1922 when he travelled through Austria and France, this time taking his wife Lydia with him.   He brought home some of the most beautiful watercolours that he ever painted.  Views Farey chose whilst in Austria include buildings at ‘Schonbrunn’, 'Ferdinand Brucke' (see other pictures by Farey) and the ’Schwarzenburg Place’ in Vienna; journeying through France he selected views at the ‘Place des Vosges’ and the ‘Place Dauphin’ in Paris (the latter now kept in the RIBA Drawings Collection, London) as well as the Chateau at ’Maisons-Lafitte’ just outside Paris.   This fine watercolour of 'La Place Stanislas’ drawn on his visit to Nancy, is one of the fine perspectives from Farey's Edward Stott Travelling Student tour which are extremely rare to the market.   

When Cyril Farey returned home to London Sir Edwin Lutyens was again in touch with him, this time to commission Farey to prepare many presentation perspective drawings from Lutyens’ sketch designs, including Lutyens designs prepared for Imperial Delhi.    The year 1922 marked the beginning of a long friendship between Lutyens and Farey - a now most celebrated professional  relationship.