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Cyril A Farey (1888-1954)

Ponte Scaligero and Castel Vecchio, Verona, 1910

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Cyril Farey, Ponte Scaligero and Castel Vecchio Verona Gallery Lingard

Pencil, watercolours & gouache
11 x 18 inches

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Farey had been awarded the Travelling Student Scholarship at the Architectural Association in 1909 and in February,1910 he set off with two friends on a tour of Italy.  He left London on 5 February, journeying through Turin, Genoa, Pisa and Siena before arriving in Rome on 26 February.  He moved to Umbria and Tuscany in March, then on to Bologna, Venice, Verona and Mantua in April, before travelling north to the Italian lakes and returning home via Paris and Versailles.

Farey kept a diary of his tour and the April entries made several notes of how impressed he was by the architecture of Verona.  Farey wrote about his particular love of trees; his choice of viewpoint for this perspective allowed him to include the curve of trees growing along the embankment up to the Ponte Scaligero and he contrasts their soft foliage and long shadows, as well as reflected shapes in the river, with the sharp castellation of the architecture.